Playa Hermosa is one of the closest beaches to an International airport in Costa Rica, you can get out of the Liberia International Airport and be sipping on fresh coconut water, toes in the sand within 30 minutes.  Playa Hermosa which translates to beautiful beach is a luxury tourist beach that is located between Playa Panama the closest beach to an international airport and Playa Coco another popular tourist and expatriate community.  This is one of the more laid-back beaches in the area and is a great getaway for couples.  The beach is 2 kilometers long sheltered brilliantly by a bay providing the perfect paradise for a walk on the beach or a refreshing swim in the ocean.

Playa Hermosa does cater to a budget crowd but it is more of an upscale developed destination for wealthier people.  Laying by the pool in the sun may very well be your favorite past time while visiting, it will be hard to resist, after all you are on vacation.  The sunsets will take your breath away and you won’t believe how fast the sun sets upon the horizon.  Costa Rica is close to the equator so there is almost always 12-13 hours of sunlight.

You won’t find any surfing here but you won’t have to look far and the other water activities will make up for it. The snorkelling in the area is outstanding and even better the scuba diving, you can find several shops that teach you how to dive in the area and you can become padi certified.  If you are already certified you can rent the equipment or if you are a newbie you can join in on a tour for the best experience.  There is massive marine bio-diversity in the area, the flora in the ocean is as beautiful as the flora above ground.

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