Pavones would have probably remained unknown, if it wasn’t for a huge valuable treasure it hosts, such as the second longest left handed wave in the World. You can actually experience a ride up to 2 minutes long. Located at the very south of Costa Rica in Osa Peninsula, it is absolutely a Surfers Mecca. The break is near the shore and bottom is rocky, you really have to be careful when you wipe out.

The surf demands a prior study of the swell chart as it requires a south west direction in order to work properly. When that is the case the town gets packed with tourists and locals, the entire day just basically goes around surfing, checking waves and talk about waves. Surf, Eat, Sleep, Repeat!

The village offers a very few Houses for rent, Cabins and a couple of Hotels, camping it is also permitted along the beach. There are local places to eat for pretty decent prices and very good Italian food.

Other fun stuff can also done, the scenery is fascinating and it can be savored by taking long walk along the beach, horseback riding or swimming in the fresh river water. Nature predominates in this piece of heaven, where the road ends and the deep green jungle takes over.

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