Montezuma is a quiet village on the Pacific coast where life tends to slow down to the perfect pace for relaxation.  The picturesque beaches will leave you feeling like you have found heaven on earth.  The warm Pacific waters are very inviting for a swim or snorkel but just cool enough to keep your core temperature perfect after soaking up the blistering sun.  Montezuma is a perfect place for the beach bum who has nothing better to do than just enjoy life.

This small beach village is nestled into a tropical rainforest paradise that will make you feel like you are a hippie at heart.  The chill town is surrounded by lush green hills and rivers for the adventurer to seek out the best waterfalls and pools for a refreshing swim.  The Capuchin monkeys are a sight to see, this is an animal lover’s utopia with an array of wildlife.

The town attracts friendly hippies, artists and all eccentrics leaving you feeling like you have been a part of the community for a lifetime.  Locals call this wonderland Montefuma, fuma meaning smoke in Spanish.  There is no better time to catch the true atmosphere of “Montefuma” than during the local farmers market on Saturday morning where you will find fresh organics, amazing handcrafts from the artists around the world and you can even jam out to some chill music.

To get to Montezuma you can take a road from Nicoya, the closest airport is Liberia which is 200 km away or you can take a boat from Jaco, Manuel Antonio or Puntarenas.  You can find an selection of budget backpacking hostels and hotels but there are also upscale houses perched on the hill above Montezuma.  Come enjoy the spectacular food in the restaurants and don’t forget to drink coconut water fresh from the palm.  This town leaves you feeling like you are in the Caribbean and life is too good, don’t worry be happy.

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