Since the opening of the new terminal in 2012 at the Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia the province has seen a massive expansion in development and tourism.  The province is known as the gold coast because of the long sunny summers that cause the terrain to turn a golden colour much like the skin of the people living and vacationing here.  The long summer days, pristine shoreline, stunning mountain ranges and volcanoes are what draw the crowds to this magical place on earth.

The province was once part of Nicaragua and you can notice that in the culture.  In the pre-Colombian times the indigenous Corotega monopolized the region and locals today resemble this tribe.  The province boasts over 250 bird species and a diversity of wildlife.  Costa Rica’s national tree is the Guanacaste which resembles a giant mushroom.  The province covers an area of 10,141 kilometers square.  The city Liberia was once named Guanacaste and was renamed in 1854.

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