Esterillos consists of a stretch of beaches that is about 6 kilometers long including Esterilos Oeste (west) centro and Esterillos Este (east) which basically meets up with Bejuco.  This is fundamentally the same environment that you will find at Bejuco with hotels and houses spread out around the beach with the same tranquil atmosphere.  Watch the Macaws fly in landing on the cashew trees for a meal as you sip on a coconut water straight from the tree.  If you are tired of the crowds in Jaco or Manuel Antonio this is a great place to come relax for the day or spend the week.

These beaches are popular hanging grounds for locals in the area that have nothing better to do on the weekend.  The locals are very friendly and if you share a drink or two you may get invited over for a BBQ on the beach.  There is a mermaid statue at Esterilos Oest that you can walk to on the rocks at low tide but at high tide it is submersed in water.

The surfing in Esterillos is spectacular, the long mellow waves at Oeste are great for beginners but there is a strong current that will drag you down the beach.  As the sun sets and you are one of the only other surfers enjoying the finer things in life you will realize how good life really can be.

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