Bejuca is still on the beaten path, only 30 kilometres away from Jaco but the beach is rarely busy which makes this a marvelous place for relaxing.  Often there is a very nice on shore breeze, you have found the perfect place for chilling.  Cashew and palm trees line the picturesque beach providing ample shade for the best day of your life.  You will encounter many Scarlet Macaw’s and other birds coming in to feed so if you’re a bird watcher this is a great place for you, the entire coast of Costa Rica is a bird lovers paradise as a matter of fact.

Playa Bejuca is more a scattering of hotels and rental houses on the beach rather than a town.  There are options available for dining at the different hotels and sodas in the area which are local eateries.  Find other options for eating in Jaco, Parrita 15 minutes away, Quepos 45 minutes away and Manuel Antonio 1 hour away for a more extravagant experience.  Manuel Antonio National Park is a must visit location where you are sure to have some encounters with monkeys, sloths, over 100 species of mammals and nearly 200 species of birds, this is the most visited national park in the country for good reasons.

Many locals in the area call Bejuca their favorite secret surf spot, you will almost never have to deal with a crowd while surfing Bejuca.  Enjoy the surf or go check out some of the tours that Manuel Antonio and Jaco have to offer.  It is recommended that you have a rental car while staying in Bejuca unless you are just looking for a week of nothing but relaxing and surfing.

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